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Our soldering iron tips are designed with advanced technology and precision engineering to provide exceptional performance, durability, and precise heat transfer for superior soldering results.
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Providing Top-Quality Soldering Iron Tips for Various Industries

Yashe soldering iron tips are engineered to meet the strict requirements of different high-tech industries. They deliver superior performance and durability, ensuring accurate soldering and efficient heat transfer. Whether you're working on intricate circuit boards or heavy-duty machinery, our tips guarantee exceptional results that meet the highest standards of quality and precision.
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At Yashe, we offer high-quality soldering iron tips that deliver exceptional performance and durability. Our replacement solder tips are designed to heat up quickly and evenly, allowing for precise soldering and reducing the risk of damage to your workpiece.
Excellent Thermal Conductivity
Our soldering iron tip is made of high-quality T2 copper, ensuring excellent thermal conductivity from the heating core to the top.
Advanced Automation
Our soldering iron tips are machined using automatic turning and milling machines, ensuring consistent size and a better metallic surface gloss.
High-Quality Electroplating
Our factory uses a top-quality electroplating process that produces a pure and uniform iron layer, enhancing the soldering iron tip's durability, resistance to high temperatures, and lifespan.
Excellent Performance
The Yashe soldering iron tip melts solder quickly and has good tin-eating properties, making it easy to tin and helping to form complete solder joints.


Nantong Yashe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a reputable Chinese factory that produces high-quality soldering iron tips. With over 30 years of experience, we have established professional production lines and a mature management system. Now, Yashe has a production capacity of more than 10 million pieces per year.





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Our team of experts is always available to guide and assist with selecting the right soldering tips and answering any questions you may have.
With 30+ years of experience and over 100 CNC machines, we can produce customized tips with quick turnaround and scale to meet all your demands.
Yashe offers a hassle-free return/exchange policy for defective products, and we welcome feedback to improve our products continuously.

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We're here to help! Our friendly experts are always ready to assist you with custom soldering tip orders and answer any questions. Don't hesitate to reach out!

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We have showcased our soldering iron tips at various exhibitions and received positive feedback from industry professionals.
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We manufacture high-quality soldering iron tips for leading industries worldwide. Our customer-focused attention to detail and advanced techniques have earned us a trusted reputation.